Previous Bands:

Fragile, Molies Treat, Metalizer, Deep Purple In Rock (Deep Purple Tribute), Alice Coopers Nightmare (Alice Cooper Tribute)
Equipment Used:

Schecter Guitars, Marshall Mode 4 Amps and 4×12 Cabs, Roland/Boss Pedal Board, Ernie Ball Strings, Line 6 wireless G50

Fave Bands Of All Time:

Alice Cooper, Avenged Sevenfold, Deep Purple, T.Rex, Europe
Fave Albums Of All Time:

Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid, T.Rex – Slider, Satan-Court in the Act, Blitzkrieg-Unholy Trinity, Deep Purple – Machine Head
Fave Movies:

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies, The Wraith Batman, Nightmare before Xmas, Hunchback Hairball