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Originally spawned during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) era, the British metal band Blitzkrieg are incredibly influential – Sea of Tranquility
All throughout the release I couldn’t escape that fact that BLITZKRIEG paved a road within NWOBHM that made it a bit fiercer and tougher, unlike the movement’s outputs in the late 70’s and even some of the band’s that continued their music through the early 80’s when the British steel pinnacle developed even further. Even in 2013, listening to “Back From Hell” is like listening to “Kill ‘Em All” or even SLAYER’s “Show No Mercy” as an addition. – Metal Temple
Brian Ross is a formidable frontman and even after following a decidedly heavier bill delivers a performance that knocks the crowd out and includes the entire album during the set. – Hammerfest VII